Jasol Temple


Jasol Temple(Balotra):-


Jasol (जसोल) is a small village located in Pachpadra tehsil of Barmer district, India.


The historical village of Jasol, the capital of the former Malani area ruled by the fiercely independent Mahecha clan of the Rathore Rajputs, includes old Cenotaphs, the temple of Rani Bhatiyaniji, the horses of the indigenous Malani breed are still bred over here.



jasol mataJasol Majisa Temple::

Mata Rani Bhatiyani temple is located at Jasol village in Pachpadra Tehsil near Balotra town in Barmer district Rajasthan. It is famous for the miracles that the goddess Mata Rani Bhatiyani showers upon her followers… Mata Rani bhatiyani’s real name is Swarup Kanwar and she was the daughter of Jogidas Bhati, a Bhati rajput from Jaisalmer district…. she was married to Kalyan Singh ji, a Mahecha rathore chief from Jasol village…Due to the treachery of Kalyan Singh,s second wife, Swarup Kanwar,s son Lal Singh (laal banna) died at a young age…. this angered Rani Swarup Kanwar and she cursed the second wife of Kalyan Singh…. Rani Swarup Kanwar left this world for the heavenly abode due the shock of her son’s untimely death…. After her death Mata Rani showed first miracle when a Dholi (singer) from her father’s village,unknown of Mata Rani’s demise, came to jasol to meet her…. and Mata Rani gave her darshan to that Dholi…. Ever since mata rani bhatiyani has blessed millions of her devotees and helped them in the difficult times…. her temple at jasol is full of devotees at all the times…. and specially on the 13th and 14 th day of Hindu lunar calendar… Mata Rani is always with those who Remember her and worship her…. Another huge mata rani bhatiyaani temple is located in jakhan village in osian tehsil, district jodhpur rajasthan, where devotees come in big numbers on 13 t day of Hindu months bhadrapad and maagh…. Mata Rani is worshipped in most parts of western Rajasthan and also in M.P, Maharashtra, Gujarat.


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