Khed Temple

Khed Temple khed(Balotra):-

This is the world famous temple of Lord Ranchhod Ray Bhagwan [Shri Vishnu JI] placed near big textile industry city Balotra. The temple is a historical monument.

A few hundred years ago Kher was the capital of the Rathores of western Rajasthan, whose influence extended over the entire region. It was at the beginning of the 13th century that the Rathore king Rao Sihaji the founder of the Rathore clan alongwith his son (Asthanji) conquered Kher from the Guhil Rajputs and planted the standard of the Rathores.

About 142 Km from Barmer, situated on the banks of the Luni River, the Kher town houses four Hindu temples, the most exquisite of whom are the Ranchor Rai Mandir. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (the Preserver in the holy trinity of Hindu gods), the temple houses a mouldering image of a Hindu deity which looks as if it might collapse any minute. At the gate is an image of Garuda (an eagle which is Lord Vishnu’s carrier) which seems to guard the complex. The Hindu temple was in a very decrepit condition a few years ago but extensive repairs have been carried out lately and it has been modernised. Other smaller temples in Kher are dedicated to the other two Hindu gods making up the Hindu holy trinity, Shiva the Destroyer and Brahma the Creator. Also while in Kher, do not omit to seek an audience with Bhuriya Baba and Kheriya Baba, the local seers. They will provide you with thoroughly entertaining wisdom and wit at their disposal.




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