Siwana Fort

Siwana Fort:-

Siwana Fort Talab

Siwana Fort

Siwana FortFamous Fort Siwana or Gadh Siwana is situated on a hilltop. The fort was built by a famous Parmar Rajput ruler Raja Bhoj’s son Veernarayan, who at one stage controlled much of Barmer and had close ties with the Solanki dynasty of Gujarat.












The fort is not in the best of condition now however it still houses a beautiful pond. The fort fell to forces of Alauddin Khilji in 1308. When Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi, besieged the fort the people led by Sutal Deo mounted a heroic defence. To commemorate this ancient event an annual fair called the Kalyan Singh Ka Mela is still held within the precincts of the fort in the month of Shravan (July-Aug). Later, in the period 1318-20, Luntiga Chauhan stormed the fort of Siwana and slaughtered its Muslim garrison. No Sultan of Delhi tried to recover this fort.

The city lies in between mountains of Aravali Ranges on all four sides.The beauty of the area in Monsoons is worth watching.The only Dam of Barmer district Meli bandh is at 7 km from Siwana.The main occupation is farming. Bajra,Moong,Til & jowar are main Productions in Rainy season. Jeera(Cumin),Erendi(Castor),Mustard & veggies in winter are mainly the yields .

Recently due to exploitation of water and unorganised measures to harvest rain water the area in under serious water problem.Siwana is also famous for mines producingfine quality of granite. Baba Ramdev Temple is a beautiful temple made of white marble.

Here also an old samadhi temple lies which has live samadhis of Four great saints who lived there. Bheem Goda,Ashapurna temple,Hinglaj Mata Temple and Haldeshwar temples are other attractions in this area.


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